Disabled Program

Disabled Program

Currently need Volunteers therapist urgently for DISABLED SELF HELP GROUPS. Access to medical services has remained a key challenge not only to the disabled in Kenya but also to the majority of Kenyans who live below the poverty line. Poverty makes many children born with disabilities not to get early corrective and rehabilitation services that would have changed their lives at an early age. They end up growing with the disabilities despite remedies being available but out of reach due to poverty. The second challenge is the availability of the service providers. There are very few providers of the rehabilitation and corrective surgeries around Africa. The few players available are overwhelmed by the numbers and hence majority of children may not be able to access the services.

Therapy and rehabilitation services are very essential in changing the life of a child, since if done well at the early stages; the child may be able to live normal life without the burden of the disability.


  1. High levels of poverty and deprivation
  2. Health challenges including HIV/AIDS
  3. Increase in the number of orphans and vulnerable children.
  4. Food insecurity due to reduced production of stable foodstuffs.
  5. Social challenges of stigmatization and discrimination in education, training, employment and resource allocation
  6. Lack of specialized educational facilities


Limited financial resources mainly to deal with Stigmatization from the community, Mobility problem for members, treatment and therapy services due to the cost of transport to the hospitals which are located very far from members and the treatment costs involved. Lack of information and education to our members.

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