To unite the globe into a world free of Disease, Poverty & Suffering, United Global Volunteers International come up with three Pillars as the organization core focus namely,

1. Promoting Human rights and Good Governance

UGVI Panel has been dedicated to finding ways to strengthen governance, transparency, and ethical standards within the Community since its creation. Our focus has been educational, charitable, civic, and religious institutions of every size and mission—representing the most widespread organized expression of United Global Volunteers International dedication to the common good. The creation of these voluntary, often grassroots organizations to accomplish some public purpose is a distinguishing feature of our global life concern. We work with key partners including international NGOs and government agencies such as the Police to effectively deliver programs to several associations and research communities.  This strong network and a long history of successful campaigns have given UGVI an excellent reputation and the African promise to fight corruption and raise responsible leadership.We advocate for  Democracy, Humanitarianism, Equality, Human Rights, and Diplomacy.

2. Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.UGVI continues its core mandate of promoting campaigns and environmental friendly organization as well as planting trees across borders.

In what seems like nature’s brutal irony, the gases that make life on Earth possible now threaten our very existence. -CO2, methane, and nitrous oxide might become benevolent climate killers — and how we can react. We're grateful  that United Global (Uniglobe) Inter-varsity Program Network is itself part of a network pursuing its mission to nurture and challenge the 21st century emerging challenges due to issues of whether change, employment, development, poverty, disease, leadership, technology, globalization, population and global warming reflecting partnership first of all among Intervarsity’s own ministries among undergraduates, grad students, and faculty. We seek to exchange ideas in aid to build enlightened society of professionals who are not only equipped but ready to take the lead by example.

3. Mitigation of HIV/AIDS Disease and suffering.

UGVI is targeting Volunteer Work in  developing countries which are conscious of the state they are in and are not only ready but doing something about their present condition through policies within there structures and hence promoting establishment and empowerment of NGO's and CBO's. We work together towards Elimination / reduction of HIV/AIDS magnitude, EMPOWERING COMMUNITIES on environmental sustainability, reducing social risks, and minimization of the potential impact of a threat to people lives as well as the environment.

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