Volunteering in India

Volunteering in India

In India, you can join diverse programs from Teaching, Orphanage, medical/Health, Internships, Conservation/Environmental and Office work. Volunteers/interns can be placed in schools, colleges, orphanages, hospitals and newspapers, among others. According to your choice, you can volunteer in any of the following areas: Teaching English, Childcare, Orphanages, and Health & Medical Centers for Medical & Non Medical volunteers, Internships, Human Rights, Community & Rural Development, Women and Children issues among others.


Orphanages / Children's Program:
You have the opportunity to help children in need who have lost their parents, who have been abused by them, and whose parents are not able to provide for them. These kids need love, attention, life skills and education so they can have a successful future free from poverty and filled with the same opportunities as others.

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