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VOLUNTEERS: Volunteers have the opportunity to work in orphanages, sharing their time between a variety of placements including working with babies and children, working with disabled children as well as teaching English.

A summer internship with Orphanage Outreach is an incredible experience. You'll be creating learning camps for orphaned, abandoned, and disadvantaged children. For more information about summer internship programs please talk to us.

TEACHING: At these placements volunteers will teach English, arts and crafts, songs, and sports, and at the baby orphanages volunteers will clean, feed, and play with the children at local community centers. All the work is aimed bringing light and happiness into the lives of these disadvantaged children. Most of these children have lost their parents, or are from impoverished families or disenfranchised minority groups. Besides spending time providing companionship and recreational activities with the children, orphanage volunteers also assist teachers in teaching English mentor-ship. You will also have opportunity to assist with construction projects, work with the children in orphanage gardens.

Home-stays are available for volunteers participating in a six-week minimum program.

SPECIAL NEEDS: In the orphanages and support centers there are many children who suffer from mental and physical disabilities. There is a great need for qualified physiotherapists, occupational therapists, behavioral therapists, play therapists, doctors, nurses, and other professionals with medical qualifications.

LOGISTICS: You will be living in Orphanage Outreach run facilities in “summer camp” or staff houses or volunteer houses, style accommodations. Good running water toilets and showers are provided. Meals prepared by Orphanage Outreach trained cooks. Ground transportation is provided between the airport and your location. We manage the logistics, so you can focus on the kids!

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