Volunteering in Senegal


Volunteer teachers in Senegal are involved in many different tasks. They teach English, teach sports, teach computer skills, new skills to handicapped persons and more. You will typically work with children aged 4 - 17 years and teach at some of the poorly resourced schools in Senegal. You do not need a formal teaching qualification or TEFL in order to participate at the volunteer teaching projects. medical program is suitable for Pre-med students, Medical students, Qualified medical personnel, Anyone wishing to help in the health sector, Medical volunteer projects are very helpful in preparation of a medical career.

Medical Volunteer areas include:

Nursing, Midwifery, Dentistry, Traditional Medicine and Physiotherapy.


Volunteer in Senegal projects include work with children in orphanages, schools and in medical programs. Volunteers going to Senegal live with local Senegalese host families for the duration of their placement.

All volunteer placements in Senegal are very flexible giving you the opportunity to take some time off and explore the country. The exact location of your placement is finalized shortly before arrival and takes into consideration all logistics.

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