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A word from Miss University

  • A word from the model

My experience with United Global Volunteer International was worthwhile, was such a nice one, it was like a eye opener because it gave me opportunity to see what happens on the ground other than hearing about it. Working with my fellow volunteers was really nice; I got an opportunity to interact with other universities-what I would call inter-varsity experience. The tree planting process was really a good one and motivating. I got to interact with the teachers, the kids, also the social workers, the international volunteers and the local community. I got to interact with the kids and learned some sign language and must say that the kids are gifted and talented and need to be natured. For me, it was motivating, fulfilling, and enriching experience, so I will do it in more places so that I can reach to the needy and marginalized in the society. Gladyse Nyatichi (former Miss USIU - 2008) United States International University (USIU)

MY Uniglobe Eco- Experience

My experience with was worthwhile. It being my first time, I felt welcome. From the time of confirming attendance to the event day, considerable follow up was made to remind me to confirm attendance ahead of time, given most of us were engrossed with work and could easily forget dates. I made the payment conveniently through M-Pesa and I was called to confirm Receipt which was a good thing. On the morning of the event I was called early enough to be reminded of the event which a good preparation as well given it’s a Saturday and one could easily oversleep.

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I Knew United Global Volunteers International  through its Director Mr. Nicholas Jimmy, It all started as an invitation by the TEAM to visit. I have always wanted to help the needy out in someway and I thought a good Idea would be to start Volunteering, and then I met the team- it gets big to give to the needy and help people out!!!!

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Victoria Carrillo

I always wanted to go volunteering and always thought Africa would be a good place to do it, especially since it is a continent that has been in constant need, being it a reality for most of the African people. When I found out Lorena was going to Kenya, I immediately contacted her and asked her everything about it… and I immediately knew this was my time to do it.

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Student Testimony

Student TestiomonyEmily Muthoni - Daystar University

As a requisite for every Community Development student who undertakes  degree in Daystar University, it was important that I spend a minimum of eleven weeks in the field during my practicum, this being a chance for me to apply the theory work I had done in class to the real life situations on the ground for a better understanding and for my own personal growth.

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Priscilla Madeiros

from Canada

Volunteering in Kenya has been an experience like no other. I had the opportunity to not only travel and tour the country, assisting groups of IDP's, and worked alongside dedicated clinical doctors caring for HIV/AIDS patients in small communities. Aside from my volunteer work in two clinics, for the five-month period, I enjoyed a three day African Safari in Maasia Mara and week vacation in Mombasa with a group of volunteers I lived with. I can't wait to return to Kenya to once again eat chapati and rejoin the Kenyan culture

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